The Amy Winehouse Celebrity Costume Wig

One of Britain’s most talented musicians and undoubtedly a fashion forward starlet when it came to both her wardrobe and hair styles, Amy Winehouse makes a fabulous character to dress as for an array of themes. No Amy Winehouse costume would be complete without her signature pin up style tattoos, winged eye liner and red lip stick. This celebrity was most definitely influenced by the 60’s genre of fashion and was often seen sporting fitted mini dresses when it came to concert appearances and red carpet walks. One of our favourite videos in which her now iconic style is portrayed beautifully is ‘Tears Dry On Their Own’.



The celebrity’s unique hair style is particularly famous. The bouffant beehive style and long, layered curls is rather hard to re-create. For a truly authentic costume an Amy Winehouse wig is required and we have designed a beautiful tribute costume wig for those looking to replicate the singer’s look. The Amy Winehouse celebrity costume wigs feel and flow like real hair (made from 100% deluxe kanekalon fibre) and can be brushed, styled, pinned and sprayed if required. With an adjustable cap to fit all head sizes and a genuinely deluxe quality feel to this beautiful costume wig, it is already a popular style from our range.

Amy Winehouse Wig


Once your costume, Amy Winehouse wig and temporary tattoos have been selected it is important to recreate the singer’s make up. Check out this great video below with step by step instructions on how to get the Amy Winehouse look.


The Cruella Deville Wig

Our favourite Disney villain and eternally popular character for events such as World Book Day and Halloween would be nothing without her extravagant black and white costumes and matching wig. Cruella Deville, the original diva we love to hate is the ideal character for many a costume party and has even inspired present day stars such as Lady Gaga when it comes to hair styling. Presenting the newest version of the Cruella Deville wig, incorporating the monochrome colouring with a modern cut.


Cruella De Vil Costume Wig

Find the deluxe, versatile wig in our costume wigs category along with many other styles ideal for book characters, heroes, villains and film stars.