The Half Wigs – Love Island Trending Hair

Found yourself crushing on the gorgeous looks sported by this year’s Love Island babes? You’re not alone! Social media has been buzzing with posts on the enviable bodies, brows and buns on display in the Summer’s must-watch TV show.

Love Island Hair Extensions and Half Wigs

The long, glorious wavy hair preened, scrunched and flipped at every opportunity by this year’s contestants (male and female) has been of particular interest to beauty enthusiasts.

You may have caught a glimpse of the odd bonded extension, an effective but costly and time consuming method for adding length and volume to natural hair. If this permanent and high maintenance procedure is not viable in regards your schedule or Prada purse, the ideal alternative comes in the form of the versatile and cost effective half wig.

Introducing The Hollywood Icon Half Wigs

The Hollywood Icon Half Wigs are placed over your natural hair – that has been pulled back into a bun or plaited and clipped flat to the head. The hairpiece is then secured with 7 hair extension clips and blended with the front section of your hair. It’s essentially a full head of hair extensions in just one, easy to use hairpiece!

The half wigs are fully heat resistant and can be styled with the sprays, gels, mousse and serum that are part of your usual routine. Style the half wigs into your own, unique hairstyle, inspired by your choice of this year’s Love Island beauties.

7 Hair Colours Available Matched To The Love Island Contestants

Brown Half Wig

If Tyla’s goddess-inspired hair is your bag, simply shake the half wig out before fixing to your head and apply some texturising root lift powder to the crown.

Blonde Curly Half Wig

Chloe’s long, flowing locks have been pulled back to expose her perfectly made up face thanks to a strategically placed pair of sunglasses. To achieve the same flattering look, pull the front section of your hair back into a high ponytail to cover the edge of the hairpiece, adding volume to the crown.

Dark Brown Wavy Half Wig

The stunning Amber has been rocking this season’s ‘hun’ hairstyle with perfection. A great way to cover the edge of the half wig and stay on trend. Pull the front section of your hair up and over the front of the half wig and style into a mini top knot.

Golden Blonde Half Wig

If a more effortless, laid back style à la Camilla is your desired look, fit the half wig to your head and then carefully brush through the hair lengths to relax the waves. Use straighteners on the ends to completely diminish the curl. Pin back your natural hair to cover the edge of the half wig and pull strands forward to replicate Camilla’s look.

Brown Curly Half Wig Hairpiece

To achieve the seductive, super sexy style as oozed by Jess, separate the hair lengths and brush through with a wide tooth comb. Work a generous dose of texturising sea salt spray with your fingers through each section. A great way to leave the hair tousled and relaxed with an ‘unstyled’ effect.

Blonde Curly Half Wig

Leave your shorter layers loose, to flatter the face and apply a good root lift spray to add volume for Olivia’s style. This extra lift at the root helps to conceal the edge of the half wig.

Curly Half Wig

For big sexy hair as sported by Montana, back-comb your natural hair around the crown area before applying the half wig. Use the back-side of a comb to gently smooth the hair down, covering the edge of the hairpiece. Continue back-combing each strand at the roots for extra lift and use a flexible hairspray for prolonged hold.

Bleach Blonde Half Wig Hairpiece

For gorgeous beach waves like Danielle’s, remove the deliberate curls from the half wig by straightening out the ends of the hair lengths with your GHDs. If you hair is a darker shade than the barbie-esque Miami Bleach colour, this blends nicely and creates an even more natural and laid back look.

Click any of the above images for the full colour range, shipping options and more details. The Hollywood Icon Half Wig Hairpiece is in stock and available to purchase now.

The Top 10 Wigs and Hairpieces For Festivals

The UK is about to embark on a long Summer of music festivals. Cue a complete wardrobe overhaul, the annual polishing of those expensive wellies and the important strategy meeting for your festival hair!

Festivals allow for the opportunity to be super creative and carefree. Body paint, faces covered in glitter, flower crowns and multi coloured hair are all the rage. Always wanted an excuse to dress as a mermaid or unicorn? The multiple festivals throughout the year, many with their own themes, make for the ideal occasion.

Festival Hair

California’s Coachella festival was besieged with beauties sporting pastel coloured hair. This huge trend is notoriously difficult to get right and maintain, not to mention the expense. The easy and cheaper solution is to jump on the fashion blogger and celebrity bandwagon by wearing a wig.

The quality and authenticity of synthetic wigs has improved so dramatically over the past few years, it is therefore near impossible to decipher a premium quality wig from natural hair.

Our celebrity and costume wigs are made from the most exquisite synthetic materials on the market and are always incredibly popular during the festival season.

Let’s get festival hair ready!


Here is our guide to the top 10 festival wigs and hairpieces.

  1. The Unicorn Rainbow Wig

Rainbow Fashion Wig

The ultimate pastel wig with all the colours of the rainbow! The best selling Unicorn inspired wig is fully heat resistant giving you the ability to straighten and curl the hair lengths as required.

2. The Blonde Lauren Wig

Long Blonde Wig Dark Roots

Create your own Coachella festival vibes in the popular Lauren Wig. Inspired by queen of cool, Lauren Conrad, the luxury hair lengths are cut into sea salt waves and the dark roots add the fashionable ombré effect.

3. The Kylie Jenner Blue Wig

Kylie Jenner Blue Wig

Embrace the fashion world’s love of blue this season without battling with bottles of hair colourant! The stunning, extra long blue wig is inspired by Kylie Jenner and features thick, wavy hair and dramatic side parting. Style, plait, pin and arrange the hair lengths into double buns or simply leave as is for a magical mermaid look.

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How To Apply Half Wigs

Half Wig Tutorial.

Half Wig Hairpieces have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. These hairpieces allow you to create a fuller, longer, luscious hairstyle in minutes without the complication of having to blend and conceal the hair lengths with your natural hair.

Half Wig Hair


It can be a bit daunting if you have never worn one of these versatile pieces before but with our step by step guide tutorial, you will become a hair magician pro in no time.

How To Wear A Half Wig

Continue reading How To Apply Half Wigs here for our full step by step guide with images and description.